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Build your own webpage in 60 seconds

Building a page on Kohbee is super simple. Fill out the classes you teach and the subjects you take. At the end you will get a public profile that looks like this.

Create a class and add your students

Just go to create a class, fill in your details and share the link with all your students.

Go live with the click of a button.

Not just that, you can also, mark done, delete or reschedule the class. All your students get notified of the same.

Share Homework and collect submissions

Just upload a PDF or questions paper and collect all submissions at one place.

Share your profile to book more trials and grow your presence.

1 app. 6 benefits.

Create a webpage

A personal profile to share and get students

Add students

You can create multiple classrooms, set time and manage everything

Homework Management

Share and collect homework seamlessly

Send messages

Choose the class you want to message and send messages.

Book Trials

Just share your profile and anyone would be able to book a free trial.

Collect Fees

Automate your fees collection, by sending automatic payment links`

You can use the Kohbee app on your laptop or on your phone

Meet the teachers using Kohbee.




6+ years of experience teaching online



Maths and Science

6+ years of experience teaching online



Maths and Science

4+ years of experience teaching online



Math, Science and Computer

B. Tech CSE, IIT Delhi



English and SST

10+ years of experience teaching


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Most frequent questions and answers

We will have 4 students in each batch.

Our teachers are alumni of prestigious colleges like IITs and IIMs. More importantly, they are some of the best tutors, with up to 10 years of experience in online tuitions. It is not uncommon for our teachers to rank within top 10 of preply’s worldwide tutor standings

Yes. Kohbee provides online tuitions specializing in ICSE and CBSE, and have a lot of in-house experts for the board syllabus.

Yes, we have designed our online tuitions to take regular tests apart from the online lectures. These are timed online tests that students give together.

For Maths and Science we take 2 online classes per week and for all other subjects, we have 1 online class per week.

Yes we do. For every individual subject you get a free online tuition.

Our teachers are given a graphic tablet, with the help of which they write on the screen. They upload NCERTs, book PDFs, Kohbee slides and write on top of that. The teacher keeps speaking and writing on the same screen

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Now Teach With Smartness And Grow With Excellence!

Explore the benefits of online classes with Kohbee’s online teaching app. Kohbee e-solutions have been designed to meet every modern teachers’ requirements so they can conduct online classes with ease. We craft a hassle-free way for the teachers who are highly concerned about their teaching job. 

Our teaching app is packed with wide-ranging benefits that deliver the best results on your desk. Thanks to our dedicated team of great developers, who have crafted every single feature of this teaching app with utmost attention and precision,

Most Common Problems That Every Teacher Face 

Kohbee understands the challenges that today’s teachers’ face daily in their life. Especially in this era when all offline classes have switched to online. Many teachers- whether they are experienced or freshers- are struggling to give a great experience in online classes. 

Even though they are good at teaching, still due to many reasons, they find it hard to pursue their dreams.

The leading reasons that force a good teacher to run into hectic trouble include-

  1. Lack of sufficient place where tuition classes can be arranged

  2. Students reside in another city or town.

  3. Delay and faults in online payments

  4. Sharing and collecting of homeworks, especially online.

  5. Calling all students before the online class begins. 

It’s no surprise that if your teaching business isn’t going well, then it definitely seeks prompt resolution. Kohbee’s teaching app is 100% free and can provide you a way to overcome such problems.

Amid today’s fast-paced lifestyle, kids demand advanced learning. The tasks must be instant; else, it will reduce the attention span for students that may impact your teaching business.

But no need to feel down about it; Kohbee encourages all those fed-up teachers to employ innovative solutions in their business through Kohbee’s online teaching app that is easy to install and 100% free. 

What will you achieve with Kohbee Teaching App?

Kohbee online teacher app is a free online teaching platform that bridges the gap between students and talented teachers. It provides a big boost to your online teaching methods. The following couple of reasons make it obvious. 

  • Kohbee app boosts student’s attendance in your classes 

  • Fees collection becomes three times faster with our online teacher app.

  • Since teaching online is considered the fastest and convenient teaching method. Hence you can expect 400% growth in your teaching business. 

Here are the remarkable features that make Kohbee’s official app one of the best online apps for teachers in the industry-

  1. On-click App installation

Our online teacher app is easy to install. Simply download from Google Playstore. Create your teacher’s account, create a classroom and send a joining link to all your students. 

  1. Stay Connected with your Students

Using the Kohbee teachers app, you can send a direct message to your students regarding the subjects, topics, and classes. With a single click, you can transfer the essential information you want to share with your students. 

  1. Active Classes are More Productive.

With the Kohbee app, students actively hear and learn what you teach them. With a single click, you can launch a live class with your students. You can even schedule the classes and notify your students with a pre-alert system so that no student misses your classes.  

  1. Adopt a quality-driven Teaching

Our teaching app is easy to use and works smoothly on any device. You can use the Kohbee app from mobile, laptop, or computer. To login via your computer, just go to and login. During your online teaching sessions, things will become easier, once you have an app which runs on every device. 

  1. Pay attention to every student.

Create a personal profile of every student to get an overview of their growth and weakness so that you could share the reports with their parents regarding their performance at tuition. 

  1. Take Test and Collect Homework Online

Our online teaching app offers you the quickest way of collecting homework and conducting a test online. Students and teachers can share the questions and answers by uploading the files into PDF/JPEG or any other format. 

  1. Collect Tuition Fee on time

No longer need to feel stressed about delay or faults in payment. Using the automated payment links, teachers can now collect the fees directly from students or parents. Teachers can even track down the fees availed or not-availed from students.  

  1. Ease of Management

Kohbee’s online teaching app for teachers ensures ease of management in all your the online teaching tasks. Teachers can create a group and multiple classes and schedule numerous sessions online. Everything will be happening on your fingers.

Our growth-oriented approach has led us to build one of the best online teaching apps which promises to make your learning time exciting and more productive while keeping your teaching business well-managed. So you could only focus on your teaching business and growth work on automation. 

So hurry, download India’s most trusted online teaching app!