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only 4 students in a class

0 %
of school students

are scared of Maths
their entire life.

0 %
of school students

are scared of
speaking publicly

Presenting India's first 1:4 live online classes based on NEP 2020 guidelines for students in 4th-10th grades.

"If you are not properly introduced to mathematical thinking in middle school, you will always be scared of Maths. At Kohbee, we focus on your foundation. Math applies to your daily life and we can't move forward until you have mastered the topic."

-Prachi, Maths teacher at Kohbee

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Top 1% teachers

Maximum 4 students in a batch

Maths and English

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Students at Kohbee

Parents at Kohbee

We always keep parents in the loop

Monthly statistical reports

Regular Parent Teacher Meetings

Weekly assignments and tests

But why Kohbee?

Ensured Personal Attention

With four students a teacher is able to provide their complete attention to each student. As a result, teacher takes care of everyone’s speed, while maintaining a competitive spirit.


Personalised for you

Everyone gets a online mentor who takes care of your progress, upcoming school exams, and offline doubts. Because unique you has unique needs.

Meet the teachers




6+ years of experience teaching online



Maths and Science

6+ years of experience teaching online



Maths and Science

4+ years of experience teaching online



Math, Science and Computer

B. Tech CSE, IIT Delhi



English and SST

10+ years of experience teaching

Weekly Subjective Tests

Kohbee believes in assessing regularly to measure the effectiveness of all the classes.


Regular Parent Teacher meetings

Parent – Teacher engagement ensures that your parents understand your important learning needs.

Global Curriculum

Our team of IITians has made a curriculum that goes much beyond CBSE and ICSE.


Unlimited Doubts

Anything. Anywhere. Your doubts are now just a call or Whatsapp away from being solved!


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Most frequent questions and answers

We will have 4 students in each batch.

Our teachers are alumni of prestigious colleges like IITs and IIMs. More importantly, they are some of the best tutors, with up to 10 years of experience in online tuitions. It is not uncommon for our teachers to rank within top 10 of preply’s worldwide tutor standings

Yes. Kohbee provides online tuitions specializing in ICSE and CBSE, and have a lot of in-house experts for the board syllabus.

Yes, we have designed our online tuitions to take regular tests apart from the online lectures. These are timed online tests that students give together.

For Maths and Science we take 2 online classes per week and for all other subjects, we have 1 online class per week.

Yes we do. For every individual subject you get a free online tuition.

Our teachers are given a graphic tablet, with the help of which they write on the screen. They upload NCERTs, book PDFs, Kohbee slides and write on top of that. The teacher keeps speaking and writing on the same screen

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