Which Is The Best App For Online Teaching?

We live in a century of advanced technology. Almost 90% of the population has access to the internet and technology. The pandemic has led to the replacement of a large number of physical businesses to online trading. Another replacement is the replacement of traditional methods of teaching to online teaching. Some apps can make tasks more accessible in every line of work, be it business or education.

But it is indispensable to select a proper app to have the best focus on getting and providing education. These online teaching apps are convenient both for the teachers and the students as they make learning way more comfortable and easy to grasp than the traditional method of physical learning. These apps help the teachers to provide education in any way they want. A single app fulfils all the requirements of assignments, group teaching, regular tests and their submissions on the app itself.

But everyone has access to different technological devices like some have smartphones, some have laptops, and some have IOS devices. They might face difficulty in selecting the right app for them. 

But here is the best app for all the various devices, which is the Kohbee app. The Kohbee app is one of the leading online teaching apps in the educational industry. Its managers are always on the lookout for new teachers who can provide innovative learning. Here are some of the reasons that make Kohbee the best application for online teaching:

  • Organized interface

The Kohbee app provides a well designed and organized interface that makes it easy to use. It allows its teachers to carry on with their online lessons in an organized way to make the content understandable to the students.

  • Messaging facilities

The Kohbee app provides its users with real-time messaging facilities during learning sessions. This helps the teachers to interact with their students and help them with their problems. It also gives hand-raising facilities which can draw a teacher’s attention to a particular student. This feature also prevents students from interrupting an important topic, and the teacher can resolve their issue after the end of the subject.

  • Video recording 

Another excellent feature of the Kohbee app is that it provides the feature of video recording. The teacher can start with their recording session and save it for future use. The recorded video can come into use while revising that particular topic. Also, the team of experts hired by the Kohbee app is always ready to help with any problem.

  • Opportunity to earn

The app provides its teachers with an excellent opportunity to learn by providing quality education to its students. It monitors the set of skills and the ability to handle the class with an expert. The teachers do not have to undergo any expenses to get a job in the platform. The only thing that matters is the amount of knowledge they have. The platform provides the teachers with timely pays with online payment links.

  • Flexibility

Another vital feature of Kohbee that makes it the best app for online teaching is that it provides its teachers and students with the comfort of flexibility. We do not impose any restrictions on the teachers to be strict with the time tables. The teachers and students together can select the suitable timings for the online classes. This makes it convenient for the teachers and the students to throw off the burden of consecutive lessons. You can invite a large number of students and provide all of the education in one lecture. This helps save a lot of time.

  • IOS Devices

A large number of online teaching apps do not provide access to the IOS user, and many don’t work correctly on them. But unlike the other apps, Kohbee offers easy access and proper working functions on IOS devices.


Choosing the ideal online teaching app is totally dependent on the teacher. But seeing the advanced features of the Kohbee app and its ability to provide jobs to capable teachers with a good pay scale, you are advised to give it a try.

It has all the features that teachers look out for in a reliable online teaching platform.