What Went Wrong With Other Online Platforms & Why You Should Be Aware?

With the rise of the global pandemic, most training and teaching programs are going remote. But the saddest reality is that the education system all across the world has continued to be thrown into disarray.

Though, the tutors are forced to provide students with the best possible teaching from home, but ‘is this okay?’ is cropping up as the most arguable question.

Perhaps, many of you have signed up on an online teaching platform. Quite possible that those attractive advertisements influenced you! But once you sign in, a question mark pops up in your mind.

“Is this okay?” “Is this the new normal?”

You may be finding the lessons and leaning completely out of context. There are many challenges that the students will have to experience amid this remote learning era, but when there are certain things that you should never be okay with.

So what’s wrong here? Discover right in this post.

Boring Online Classes

Many e-learning courses only focus on text-based learning which makes these online learning classes way boring than regular classes. It fails to grab the student’s attention. Owing to this, the online classes are proving to be more boring than e-reading. In this way, most students tend to leave the course before completion. And we can’t blame them. Being adults, even we wouldn’t sit through those. Surprisingly, only 8% of the registered students ever complete the course.

So if your online classes are more inefficient than reading, leave them now!

Technical Issues

Technical issues have been one of the most prominent barriers in the online world.

Most online platforms seek a higher internet speed connection to offer a great user experience. Also, there has to be sufficient space in the device to get access to such e-learning. Moreover, since online platforms operate on a large scale and teach thousands of students at one time, so a student who encounters any technical issue sometimes fails to raise concerns. His/her important learning session is ignored, which isn’t a good thing.

Though you do much about the technical issues from your end, make sure that your class stops if incase your child is facing issues. There are way too many online live classes, that have 1000s of students and don’t care particularly about an individual student. Don’t go there.

Time-consuming Resources

Resources sometimes turn out to be extremely time-consuming. Such as, a student who isn’t too much aware of how to sign up or fill the complex details on the online platform will spend most of his time learning the platform rather than the course. Internet connectivity also creates delays for students, or else, if the audio isn’t clear, it irritates students a lot.

Platform is important. It should be buttery smooth and it should not take more than 3 lessons for the students to get acquainted to those.

Students Seek Company

Unlike regular classes, online classes fail to outperform nowadays because learning has remained only one-sided. Students fail to grasp the information that teachers in e-learning are explaining. Even though the teaching is good, it turns out to be a little unclear for those students who are used to raising questions. Since they don’t have someone near to guide them properly, they are facing difficulties.

Needless to say, the right to raise hand and ask a doubt should never go away. Make sure your live classes allow for that.

Lack of Motivation

The online platform lacks motivation. They only advertise how better learning they provide, but it doesn’t light a fire of dedication in students’ minds as they think that they’ll not be awarded or praised for their hard work. It demotivates students, and similarly, they are losing interest in e-learning.

Motivation maybe a personal thing for adults but for a child, it doesn’t take much. Children are balls of energy looking to take over the world and if your child is not happy to feeling motivated, it’s a problem.

Learning, not Practicing

Online platforms are stuffed with e-learning.

Students only see what the teachers are explaining and learn orally. It’s a big barrier to the practical knowledge of the student. Especially in math and science subjects. It isn’t easy to gain higher marks if a decent practice isn’t brought into action while learning online.

So, How to Overcome this?

If you’re a parent and this new fad of remote learning doesn’t satisfy you. Then it would be best if you put extensive research into practice to find out the right e-learning platform for your kid. Let us make things easier for you.

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