What Is a Good Conversion Rate? How to Calculate and Increase Your Own

In the current days, there can be no individual who hasn’t learned the importance of online websites for carrying out businesses online. However, things can be really challenging when it comes to managing online websites, and there are hundreds of things for which people are not aware of. Without these things, the true worth of online websites cannot be brought to the front. 

One of the important things we are referring to is dealing with the conversion rates. Well, most of you must not be aware of the concept of Conversion Rate. So, we have collected every possible piece of information in this topic related to Conversion Rates. 

What is the Conversion Rate?

In simple words, the term conversion rate refers to the amount or number of people visiting a particular website, taking actions that somehow fulfills the desires of a website owner. In this, the entire goal of a website needs to be fulfilled or taken care of. There is a particular method for calculating this part, and things can become easy with time and experience. This process can be a crucial way of assessing the performance of a particular online website. 

This conversion rate may or may not be in the interest of the website and can be considered to be a bad or good conversion rate. There are some elements that can help you know whether your conversion rate is good and will work in the interest of your website’s success. 

What is a good conversion rate?

People desire to know about a good conversion rate to make sure that their website is working as they prefer or something needs to be added on as a performance booster. Well, the conversion rate we are talking of can vary from different business organizations as each organization is working to fulfil a specific goal. There can be various other factors that decide whether a conversion rate is good or bad, but we have gathered an estimated figure to help you get a brief of your website’s situation. 

You can get to know about your website’s conversion rate situation with the table given below.

  • If your website is based on the pay-per-clicks principle, it needs to maintain a conversion rate of 10% to be called a good CR.
  • If your website uses SEO’s for boosting its performance, it should have 16% as its CR.
  • If you are into affiliate marketing, CR should be 10% to be considered above average.
  • For social media marketing, 2-5% is enough. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

The calculation of conversion rate is a multiple-step process. We have rounded every crucial step in the below paragraph that you need to follow carefully to get the most accurate results. 

  • The very first step of calculating conversion rate is getting to know the factors of your website that decide the rate and the ones that can mark major differences in it. 
  • Once you are done with the above step, then you need to choose an element that is the most crucial one for your website, and that can help your website to get the best rate ever. 
  • After the above steps, you need to take these actions with you based on a particular period to place them accurately in the solution.
  • The last step includes dividing your conversions by the number of people visiting your website. 

How to increase your conversion rate

  • Set a permanent goal for your website
  • Lower the decision making time for your customers by providing them with attractive offers
  • Wash off your customer’s confusions and queries related to your product.
  • Build up a trust bond with your audience
  • Do not create any chance for your customer’s loss

Final Thoughts

Conversion rates can be very important when it comes to studying a website’s growth and position in the market. If you want your website to run successfully, you need to learn the concept of conversion rate along with the process of calculating this rate. You can also use the above information to increase your website’s conversion rate and make yourself good money through your online website.

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