What Are the Differences between the Offline vs Online Test Platforms?

Everyone knows that the education system has changed to its whole over the last years. The main reason behind this drastic change is the pandemic as it was not safe for the students and the teachers to go out of their homes, so everyone thought of conducting the educational work through the online process. 

Almost every educational institute has changed its way of providing education to the students. They have adapted the latest trends of online teaching, keeping behind the traditional method of physical learning and teaching. But this change has brought with it a debate on which education system is better for the future. 

As you know, everything comes with some pros and cons, so have the new online learning trends. The students and teachers can conduct online classes from their comfortable homes, which has helped save a lot of time and money. The tests and exams which the teachers conducted after every lecture, semester and unit have also changed their traditional methods. Tests are also conducted through online applications or sites. But many people have confusions as to which one is better for the children. So in this topic, we will discuss the key differences that separate the offline method from the online methods of taking tests and which one is better for education.

Online tests vs offline tests

  1. Comfort

In terms of comfort, the latest trends of online exams have a clear upper hand over offline methods. With an online setup, the students can give their tests comfortably and give their best in the exams. Online exams are also in favour of teachers as they don’t have to spend hours preparing piles of exam sheets and spending a few more on their checking. The online education apps serve the best to check and create tests online.

  1. Security

Whenever a student goes for attempting his exam, the first thing that comes to his mind is how they can cheat. In the offline tests, there are invigilators present in the class who can watch the students and check for any mischief. While in the case of online tests, there is no one to check on the students. However, security measures such as keeping the webcams on can help in keeping the students under surveillance. In both cases, children find other ways to cheat in the exam, but in offline exams, teachers can keep better security measures.

  1. Performance

A good performance for any exam or test is crucial for a better future for the students. The offline methods of tests do not require any internet connectivity and have to be done on paper. Unlike offline testing, online tests require a stable internet connection to go on with the exam. Children living in rural areas might not have good internet connectivity or may not even have access to the internet. So this can prove to be bad for the student’s performance and lead to a bad future.

  1. Results

The main difference between both the methods for tests is the results for both of them. The offline methods for conducting tests required a lot of time for the teachers to check piles of exam sheets, and the children had to wait for long for the results. But in the online methods of conducting tests, children are provided with instant results. This has reduced the waiting time for the children and has also eliminated the time teachers had to give in the checking of tests. 

Final thoughts

The field of education has entirely changed its ways of working. But we have to see the benefits and advantages of both of the test methods so that the better amongst the both can be implemented in the future. Both of them differ in profound ways, and both have their upper hand in different situations. However, the online methods of education and conducting tests do not seem to be going away for a very long time. But once the situation due to COVID begins to improve, the traditional method of offline teaching can come back. This choice depends on the students, teachers and educational institutes how they want to conduct their future education and which one is better for the students.

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