What Are The Best Apps For Teachers?

The current trends in education have changed from the traditional methods of physical teaching to a virtual classroom. The economic recessions, lockdowns, risk of illness by the deadly virus of COVID-19 have led to the shutdown of all educational institutions. Although many schools and colleges were adopting the technology used in their institutions, it was not successful. But, the pandemic has given a boost to it, and all can see the rapid rate of its success.

To succeed in this new trend of online education, people have started providing online lectures through various online learning apps. There are many apps to download that are specifically made to provide education to their students for teachers. The teacher can provide recorded or live lectures, assignments, regular tests and submit the work within the online applications from these apps.

Teaching through these online learning apps is an excellent way of earning money for teachers. Both the teacher and the students can participate in the lectures remotely from their comfortable houses. The teacher can start providing lectures from any location and carrying on online teaching as a part-time job. 

There are a number of paid and free-of-charge apps on the play store or the app store. The teacher must select the best learning app with specialized features to provide convenient education to their students. The best online learning apps in the educational market are Kohbee, Zoom, BYJU’s, Google classroom, and many more. Some are paid, and some provide free access to their users and are very easy to use.

Here are some of the features of the top-rated online learning apps in brief:

  1. Kohbee Teaching App

The Kohbee application is one of the best online learning applications for teachers and students as well. It is an all-in-one platform for online teachers, trainers, and students. The main advantage of the Kohbee app is that it provides free access to its users with all its specialized functions.

It has a unique feature of math app scan, which no other learning application provides. Here you can learn any topic or chapter of math and get instant solutions for your queries. The team of experts is ready 24/7 to help the users with any problem. 

It is the best app for kindergarten studies too. To make the base of your child strong, you need to provide good quality education to your small ones. 

Another feature of the kohbee application that no other learning app provides is the online sessions and music classes. Providing skills for music through online sessions can prove challenging for many people but not for the skilled teachers hired by the Kohbee platform. Whether you are an android user, an IOS user, or PC user, you can access and enjoy the features provided by the Kohbee online learning application.

  1. ZOOM

Zoom is another leading online learning application through which you can take online lectures and get education through online trainers, educators, or teachers. It allows about 100 students to join the Zoom session at once. However, you can add more students by buying its additional features to carry on extensive scale sessions. Students and teachers can present their screens, do chats, use whiteboard facilities, and access many other specialized features on the Zoom app.

  1. BYJUS

BYJUS is one of India’s largest platforms for online learning that provides high-quality videos on every subject from the most reputed teachers of India. Teachers provide you with exercises, practice sheets, and daily tests to ensure the best outcome of their learning sessions. The teachers offer their students clever tips and tricks for a better understanding of a particular topic. It might not be an option for many people due to its paid features. Although, you can check out the free demo of the app to get a hint about its features.

Final thoughts-

By selecting any of the above online learning applications, the teachers can follow their passion for online teaching and get a good amount by providing quality education. These apps give you efficiency in time and education with comfort, proving to be profitable both for the teacher and the students. The apps are designing new features to make the application convenient for its users. So if you are a teacher or a student looking forward to expanding online learning horizons, it is best for you to select any of the above apps (the most preferable being Kohbee) for the best outcome.