The Leading Online Maths Teaching Site- Kohbee

The new normal of living shifts us towards the digital platform. Be it your business or education, these days, everything is available to you on the online platform; moreover, with the increasing popularity of online learning, teachers and students are coming on the platforms to learn even the most challenging courses like maths. 

Students face challenges in understanding the concepts and solving the math puzzles. Fortunately, some online maths teaching sites are available, where students can join freely and know the creative ways of solving maths puzzles. 

Students and teachers can also join these online maths teaching sites to share the maths skills and help the students gain the concepts of maths. In return, teachers can earn passive income from these online teaching sites. 

But the question is, which are the best online maths teaching sites to join and start online teaching? Arguably, you get so many online teaching sites, but Kohbee is one such platform that is easy to use and provides you an interactive platform to share your knowledge and create your classes. 

Kohbee-An Online Maths Teaching Platform to Share Your Knowledge 

Kohbee is a perfect online teaching platform that can be personalized according to the resources. The platform allows you to share online courses, create your classes and share homework easily. Moreover, you can easily track the students’ progress and even take exams to evaluate their performance online. 

Here, you can categorize the subject based on the chapters and utilize the specialized content. Reasons that make this platform unique from other platforms are as follows: 

  • Create your website and make the portfolio freely 
  • Connect with the students quickly by creating classes and sharing links through social media platforms and via other methods 
  • Live sessions are organized so that students can practice problems and get the answers to their queries easily without any doubt 
  • Teachers can share homework with the students in the form of PDF files and documents. In return, students can also share the homework in the same pattern 
  • There is facility of instant payment through automated payment modes to the teachers. So, being a teacher, you can earn passive income without any worries 
  • Kohbee is excellent for students and teachers who want to have interactive learning sessions. 

Let You Find Your Expert Teacher. 

The best part of this online math teaching site is you will get an opportunity to interact with the teachers of your own choice. On the dashboard, you get the profile of multiple teachers who have experience and deep knowledge of the subject. Students can also choose the teachers based on their expertise, understanding of the users, and their offered courses for learning. 

Teachers can Organize and Schedule the Course 

The teachers can easily create the course and share it on the platform. Moreover, they can easily organize the classes and schedule live sessions. Above this, teachers can also arrange live sessions for better interactive learning. 

Even students can organize the learning session with the teachers. All you have to do is explain your problem and concern about the particular subject, check the availability and schedule the classes by paying securely—all the things you can handle right from your inbox. 

Other Online Maths Teaching Sites YouTube University and Prodigy are some of the best free online teaching sites that help you teach for free without charging you extra.  Like Kohbee, you can also share and upload courses online and interact with the students. However, you cannot go live and personalize your session as you enjoy on Kohbee.