Teaching App For Windows

The current trends in online education have led to the evolution of enhanced online teaching apps, which play a key role in making the required changes. The use of your smartphones, laptops and other technologies used in learning is no longer considered bad. The updated technology has made laptops and smartphones accessible in online education and has led to a growth in technology development companies. It has proved to be a boon to humans in numerous ways.

There are a number of online teaching apps for windows but not every app provides you with the best services like good quality sound and audio, whiteboard facilities and many more. But we have the best app to use for your windows, Kohbee. 

It is a recently launched app that provides you with free access and is very easy to use both for the teachers and the students. It provides you with a library view to monitor all the activities of your students through your laptops. It has all the features required to make a perfect online teaching app to provide effective education to students. There are a number of apps that provide false claims of guaranteeing intuitive learning to their students. But, Kohbee is not one of them. It keeps the following things in mind:

  • Provides student-friendly content
  • Understandable content
  • Friendly teachers
  • Content-based on the target audience
  • Notifications of latest assignments and tests

Here are some of the good features of the Kohbee app:

  1. Simple teaching

Kohbee provides a simple online teaching system so that everything is clear to its students. It provides a simple virtual classroom that can be made in less than a minute. You can share your content through screening your PDF’s, files, images or photos and carry on with your presentations. This is effective both for the teachers as well as the students.

  1. Well designed interface

The Kohbee app provides you with a well designed and attractive interface. It provides a well animated and interactive interface to keep its students engaged. This helps both the teacher and the student to enjoy their working session and not get bored. It provides with a collective private interface where the teacher and the students can interact and enhance their virtual communicational skills.

  1. Free access

There are a number of online teaching apps in the market, but all of them don’t provide free and easy access to their interface. On the other hand, Kohbee provides you with free access and a free demo to try it for the first time and get a brief of its features and qualities. You can invite up to 100 students for a learning session for your first demo class.

  1. Time friendly

Kohbee is a very time friendly application for teaching. The teachers can add up a large number of students at the same time by sharing the link of the online session. All the students can get a lesson simultaneously, helping save a lot of time both for the students and the teachers. For its international students, the teachers provide the most suitable time so that all of their students can learn more efficiently.

  1. Interactive

One of the most prominent features of the Kohbee app is that it provides an interactive user interface. It allows its students to interact with each other by giving them group projects and collective online tests in which the students will compete with each other. This helps maintain an interest in keeping up with the regular classes and to get more information on a particular subject.

  1. Innovative learning

Another excellent feature of the Kohbee app is that it provides its students with innovative learning. The teachers always develop new ways of learning and provide them with shortcuts and tricks to learn a particular topic with ease. With the expanding scope of online teaching apps, we can see new and better ways of teaching introduced by the Kohbee app.


The new ways of checking on a person’s qualifications will be online degrees and certifications. So do not hesitate to get educated through the online teaching apps with the best teachers. Also, you are more than welcome to try the free demo of the Kohbee app and get started with your online learning session.