Teach online like you teach in person with these 12 tools

Teaching is a difficult task in itself, particularly when it is done digitally. Students have to be more engaged and interested in digital learning sessions. This is because, as a teacher, you must be able to provide your students with the experience of being in an offline classroom while teaching online.

As an instructor, you must ensure that you have the appropriate resources and preparation to keep your class interactive and stimulating. All you have to do is ensure that you are aware of the features of the tools available to you and that you use them correctly.

Fortunately, Kohbee, a digital platform for teachers, considers all of the requirements and variables a teacher expects from an online classroom. Kohbee facilitates digital learning and teaching by offering resources and tools that make learning a pleasurable experience.

Let’s take a look at these tools one by one:

1. Template for lesson planning: Being prepared and optimistic can be rewarding. You are an exception if you use the resources available to you correctly. That is exactly what we are talking about when we think about a lesson plan template that you can use and share with your students to save time and energy. All you have to do is save your data and save it as a pdf to share with everyone.

2. Write and draw on an online whiteboard: Your job of teaching online would be made easier if you have a digital classroom with enough space and customization resources.

3. Performance feedback template: Examining and evaluating students is an essential aspect of their studies. Another important component is a report card, which provides input on students’ results and can be easily created and shared using a report card template.

4. Powerpoint presentations template: You can improve and ease your teaching sessions using PowerPoint presentations and screen sharing tools to support your digital teaching. This saves time and energy.

5. Rewarding tools: Everybody, whether an instructor or a student, enjoys being rewarded. You may use certification tools to certify the students’ work to keep promoting and appreciating their efforts.

6. Quizzing and form creation: Forms are the best tools for assessing students’ temporary success in short tests and multiple-choice questions exams.

7. Survey tools: If you want to get effective feedback on your teaching and lesson delivery, as well as thoughts and suggestions, you can use a survey developer tool to get a full picture of your outcomes.

8. Chatting and audio tools: You can use a chatbox or an audio tool to allow your students to express their concerns and questions in between lesson delivery sessions so that they can be addressed right away.

9. Task assigning tools: If you want to delegate any tasks or worksheets to students during your lesson delivery session, you can use a digital space where you can upload the work and give your students access to it so that they can work on it and practice it whenever they want.

10. Art and craft tool: If you want to make your digital class more fun and interactive, use an art and craft tool that can be used for relaxation and light up a heavy learning session.

11. Focus booster: This method will assist you in keeping track of your success in terms of performance and time and preparing you for future objectives. It will allow for the reporting of timesheets and performance graphs.

12. Screen recording tools: If you want to share your lesson plans and classroom sessions with students who are unable to attend due to a certain reason, a screen recording tool will record your entire class and be available to students.