A place for teachers to bond together, help each other and teach better.

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Is Teach For India right for you?

Hear from Nandini Sanyal about her story of moving from a high paying job to following her passion of teaching. In this event we will be covering:

✅ Teaching practices of Teach For India (TFI)
✅ What happens in the program?
✅ What does it take to be a TFI Fellow?
✅ Who is it really for?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to cover most of your questions below. In case there is anything else, drop us a Whatsapp or email on: We will get back to you within 6 hours 🙃

This community is for individual teachers, educators and creators. Geography no bar. Though the communication is currently in English, we have teachers from all over the world.

Absoultely not. This a free and open community for teachers to bond together, help each other and teach better.

No. You need not be using the Kohbee App to join or attend events of Staffroom.

Absolutely! Drop us a hi on, to get started today!

The events organized by Staffroom are absolutely FREE. In order to be a part of the event, you have to register for each event seperately. Since we have limited seats.

The community has a main Telegram group where all details are actively shared. The activities happen on zoom.

Staffroom is run by teacher volunteers like you and is entirely community-driven. There are moderators and admins who maintain decorum, organize events and actively help new members of the community. If you would like to know more about becoming a volunteer. Drop us a hi on