Online Whiteboard for Maths

E-learning has elevated the value of education for both educators and students, enabling a modern paradigm of teaching and directing the use of technology on the appropriate path. This has helped students understand the value of virtual learning rather than seeing technology solely as a source of entertainment.

E-learning and teaching also provide educators with a plethora of resources and software that they can access with a single click from the comfort of their homes.

Are you a teacher searching for a digital platform to offer your teaching services? Then you’ve found the ideal multimedia framework for your teaching requirements.

Kohbee is a digital workspace for teachers that provides them with enough space to teach mathematics and other subjects. You can take live lessons, receive fees, and expand your digital teaching business as an online instructor.

Since mathematics is a subject that must be explained both orally and in writing, as a teacher, you will have access to various resources that will significantly assist you in teaching the various formulas and mathematical applications.

By using the interactive whiteboard for math, you will be able to use the following features:

1. First and foremost, you will have unrestricted room to work on and teach your students with proper attention.

2. Methods for demonstrating and interpreting concepts, such as drawing and shaping.

3. Storing and forwarding the work and files to the students.

4. Algebraic and polynomial structure expressions, formulas, and equations.

5. Modules for self-problem-solving

6. A well-integrated audio and video chat network.

7. Sharing screen

Additionally, as a teacher, you will be able to learn about technology in new ways by using digital resources and gain valuable experience in virtual education.

What is the significance of using the online whiteboard of Kohbee?

1. Expansion of lessons: As an instructor, you must work in an exciting way for your students. It would help if you kept your students engrossed in class. You will be able to deliver the best and make the optimum use of your skills with a digital workspace from the comfort of your place.

 Using various resources can assist you in growing as a teacher on both E-learning platforms and offline teaching systems. Extensive teaching lessons, engaging chatting, and audio can make your class a healthy learning environment for your students.

2. Classroom flexibility: Through interactive screen sharing, as a teacher, you’ll be able to display a variety of media forms and files on the screen, which will greatly assist you in teaching your students various concepts and ideas.

3. Convenient to use: If you are unfamiliar with the digital world and are hesitant to take virtual classes, Kohbee makes it simple to learn about the benefits and procedures of taking virtual classes. Teachers receive intensive training in the areas of interactive lesson delivery and the use of different technologies. To be more specific, Kohbee makes both learning and teaching a pleasurable experience!

4. Proven results: If you succeed in making your class engaging, learning will become enjoyable for your students, and their academic success and scores will improve. As a digital platform, Kohbee has proven to be successful in teaching and optimizing students’ potential and capabilities.

Being a teacher is a complex but rewarding profession. To be a successful teacher, you need to have access to valuable information and tools to help you along your teaching journey in the most efficient way possible. All you have to do is join the Kohbee teaching group by registering as a teacher and contributing significantly to improve teaching practises by making learning an enjoyable experience.

Make a name for yourself as an instructor by being distinctive and innovative in your teaching techniques and strategies.

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