Online Whiteboard for Drawing

Teaching can be a difficult task to complete, particularly when it is done digitally! You must bring in the same amount of effort as you would in a traditional classroom environment. It’s difficult, but not impossible. Thankfully, Kohbee provides you with a digital workspace and drawing frameworks to meet all of your teaching needs.

Kohbee makes it easy to provide real-time tutoring and teaching services.

A virtual whiteboard can be used on any device, including your phone, laptop, or computer. It allows for easy teaching and drawing, making your experience more convenient.

The faculty at Kohbee is chosen with a child’s growth and education in mind. To ensure the consistency is not compromised, a dedicated team of competent educators is brought into the Kohbee teaching family. It also has a good customer service backup, so you’ll still have someone to turn to in times of need or when you run into a problem while using the app.

What are the advantages of using an online whiteboard for drawing?

1. Effortless verbal and written guidance: Providing lessons remotely through an online whiteboard would make the entire process easier. As an instructor, it’s simple to back up your verbal lesson delivery with theoretical writing of formulas, expressions, and illustrations, as well as drawing shapes and figures for your lesson plan.

2. Lesson planning becomes simple: Using an interactive whiteboard can assist you in structuring and formulating your lesson plan ahead of time. If you need to illustrate a labelled diagram to your students, a whiteboard can easily be used, and you can plan or draw the diagram a few minutes before class. It would be easier to execute if you have a lesson plan in place. It will also help you save time and effort.

3. Turns learning into an enjoyable activity: Chalk and blackboard sessions are a thing of the past. Your students will become more involved and engrossed in your lessons if you participate in multimedia teaching using an interactive whiteboard. As a result, the students have a more effective outcome and better comprehension. Receiving positive reviews is often rewarding and gratifying for an instructor.

4.  Encourages Cost saving: Traditional classroom sessions need a lot of money to be spent on chalk, markers, and settling the blackboard, among other things. By participating in a digital teaching session, you would save some of the money that would otherwise be spent on equipment. Paper is often saved because lists, assignments, and other official records can be conveniently viewed or recorded using digital means.

5. Increasing teacher-student interaction: In addition to an online whiteboard, Kohbee provides access to various versatile resources that can be used when implementing the lesson plan. You can get the most out of your student’s talents by making your session indulging and engrossing. This will assist you in forming a friendly relationship with your students as a teacher.

There are several advantages to participating in online whiteboard sessions as an instructor or a student that should not be overlooked. By simplifying the learning process, this digital teaching workspace system has effectively brought changes to the education sector.

At Kohbee, the committed team of teachers has undergone extensive training in their respective fields to succeed and provide practical teaching sessions to their students. Doubt-solving sessions are also incorporated into the teaching schedules to ensure that students are mindful of all of the lessons and instruction at the conclusion of each session.

Visit Kohbee’s official page now to register as a teacher and take advantage of the numerous digital session opportunities to establish yourself as a reputable teacher in the field of education and training. 

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