Online Teaching App For iPad

With rising technology and modern-day demands, schools and teachers use online teaching apps for interactive learning. As a result, the market these days is flooded with online teaching apps to download on the devices for educational purposes easily. 

No doubt, you’ll get so many online teaching apps available in online stores such as Google Play. However, not all apps are designed to use on iPad. But few online teaching apps are specially designed to use on iPad. 

The app such as Kohbee has been designed to use on both devices, including Android and iPads. So, before you install the app on your device and start accessing it to create an online classroom, let us glance at the app and how it is helpful for you. 

Kohbee– An Online Teaching Platform to Access on iPad

Kohbee is an award-winning online teaching app that recently provided its new version so that even iOS users can access the app and start teaching online from their iPad. The app will enable you to conduct live classes, interact with the students and share valuable sessions. 

The previous version of this online teaching app was only applicable on Android devices, so only those students can leverage this app with Android devices. But for now, this app is upgraded, and iOS users can also use this app. 

Teachers and students can install this app on their iPad easily from the Apple Store. This app can serve as an excellent learning tool for the students and a teaching platform for the teachers, trainers, and schools. The new version of the Kohbee app helps teachers in a plethora of ways. 

  • Conduct classes online from anywhere, anytime, and on any device 
  • Interact with the students and share with them online lectures 
  • Record the live classes to share with the students after the online sessions 
  • Live text chat options so that you can interact with the students during live classes 
  • Live video and audio communication for instant connection with the students 
  • Access to the built-in whiteboard tools so that teachers can draw and write anything 
  • Instant homework uploading and video sharing from the media players and content library 
  • Share content in the form of documents, reports, Excel, PDFs, multimedia files and spreadsheets, and many more.
  • Teachers can instantly delete and add whiteboard tabs. Moreover, they can easily navigate between them. 
  • The app also allows the teachers and students to use the webcam, microphone and write on the whiteboard. 
  • Kohbee also helps the teachers to acknowledge the student’s queries and respond to them quickly. 
  • They can extend the duration of the classes. 
  • This app is also helpful in marking attendance during the live session. In contrast, teachers can also access the attendance report easily without any trouble. 

The best thing about this online teaching app is that it can be easily installed from the Google Play and App stores. As a result, thousands of learners access the platform to interact with the students and teachers and share their valuable lessons online. Its user-friendly interface made it accessible for all the students and teachers. Moreover, teachers can get instant payments from automatic mode. 

How Teachers Can Create Their Own Classroom? 

Kohbee app is easy to install and accessible on any device. If you want to create your class, then you can follow these steps. 

  • Install the app from the Google Play Store or App store 
  • Signup on the platform as a teacher 
  • Create your classroom 
  • Start inviting your students by sharing your ID through text and social media platforms. 
  • You can even create the live session and reschedule it on this platform.