Online English Teaching Sites- The New Norm of English Teaching

These days, the internet is not only for entertainment purposes, but you can use it for teaching any subject online. Multiple online teaching sites open the doorway for the students and teachers to learn valuable study lessons from their home comfort zones. 

Today, English is considered the prime language to communicate with people all over the world. Therefore, a lot of enthusiastic students want to learn English. Fortunately, there are so many English teaching sites that provide you free coaching and get paid as well. 

If you are a teacher and looking for a platform where you teach English online and share valuable sessions, you’ve landed on the right page to get the answer. 

In this post, we’ll introduce you with the best online English teaching site and how you can earn money from the platform. So, look no further and read below. 

What You Need to Have Before You Move to Online English Teaching Sites to Teach?

The online teaching sites may open an ideal portal to connect with the students and teach them online. However, that doesn’t mean you all are welcome to teach and share without having prior knowledge. So, if you want to start online English teaching, then you must have these skills. 

  1. Fluency in English and Holding Degree of Bachelors 

Though so many teaching sites don’t ask for any degree and particular requirements, most teaching sites prefer that teachers who join the site must have English language skills. Therefore, it will be a plus point for the teachers if they have a degree and prior experience in teaching. 

  1. Can Teach Fluently 

Before you start teaching English online, you should know how to teach online and must be able to provide teaching lessons in a flexible way. Moreover, you will be able to handle the students’ queries easily and provide a flexible learning environment.

Kohbee- Online English Teaching Site 

Kohbee is a free online English teaching site that allows you to teach from your remote zones. This app has an interactive user interface and is easily accessible to all devices. Be it an Android or iOS device; all the users can install this English teaching app and start teaching online. 

This online teaching app also provides you with various tools such as live chat that help you communicate and take queries of the students during the live session. Above this, you can also start the class, share your link to the students to join the class, and have many more options. 

Whether you want to schedule your class or start a live session, the platform allows you to perform everything right from the desk. In addition, you can sign up as a teacher if you want to start teaching English online. 

Moreover, suppose you want to share homework with the students. In that case, the tool also provides you the feature of sharing documents in PDF and Word document form so that students and teachers can easily share their documents and assignments on the platform. 

The best part is teachers can also conduct online exams to evaluate the students’ performance and understand better how much they have grasped the course. In return, you will receive the payment for sharing your valuable lessons online on this platform. 

Other Online English Teaching Sites 

There are many other online English teaching sites such as Duolingo, BBC English learning, and many more. However, the platforms only allow you to learn the basic English concepts, not advanced. Moreover, you cannot initiate live sessions on these platforms. 

Over to You 

Online teaching has become trendier and important for those students who have business schedules and cannot travel here and here. Moreover, the students, workers, and others who want to enhance their skills can also join online English teaching sites like Kohbee to improve their skills and learn English.