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77 Day Course with 20+ Live Classes and only 4 students

20+ Live Classes with just 4 students to ensure that students participate actively! 


Build a solid foundation in Maths

Get rid of any future maths fear by building a solid foundation in Maths.

Raise your mathematical curiosity!

Get rid of your Maths fear and be naturally more curious with Maths, using our approach.


Our Approach

Traditional Method
Kohbee Method*


Thinking through the details of the problem. Breaking the question into multiple parts, if required. Understanding what will be required to solve a problem. And identifying what is being asked.


Transform the question into a solvable diagram, equation or steps. This helps in figuring out which approach is required to solve a particular problem.

Compute or Calculate

Use the abstracted form of the question to convert it to an abstracted answer. In Kohbee Mastery Program, this is where students practice hand calculations to reach to an answer.


Interpret the abstracted answer into a meaningful form, as asked by the question. Check whether the answer makes sense or not. For example, in a father-son question, the father's age cannot be less than son's age.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We will have 4 students in each batch.

Our teachers are alumni of prestigious colleges like IITs and IIMs. More importantly, they are some of the best tutors, with up to 10 years of experience in online tuitions. It is not uncommon for our teachers to rank within top 10 of preply’s worldwide tutor standings

Yes. Kohbee provides online tuitions specializing in ICSE and CBSE, and have a lot of in-house experts for the board syllabus.

Yes, we have designed our online tuitions to take regular tests apart from the online lectures. These are timed online tests that students give together.

For Maths and Science we take 2 online classes per week and for all other subjects, we have 1 online class per week.

Yes we do. For every individual subject you get a free online tuition.

Our teachers are given a graphic tablet, with the help of which they write on the screen. They upload NCERTs, book PDFs, Kohbee slides and write on top of that. The teacher keeps speaking and writing on the same screen

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