Is Zoom Good For Online Teaching?

Online learning has come in trend in the days of this pandemic. It has led to the closing up of all schools, colleges and other learning institutions. It provides learning with comfort, and it helps save a lot of time. So to give a boost to the trend of online learning, there are a number of apps introduced like Kohbee, Zoom, Udemy and many more.

Among all the newly established online apps are Zoom. It is a leading video communication app that is used as a platform for providing education and learning. The zoom app has grown exponentially during the time of the pandemic. Millions of people across the globe use it today for their meetings, learning and teaching. It provides a 40-minute video conferencing with good quality audio and video in its basic plans. It provides an experience similar to face-to-face but with more efficiency and comfort. 

But everything comes with advantages and little disadvantages. Here are some of its qualities in brief.

Advantages of Zoom teaching-

  1. Easy joining

The Zoom app provides easy access for the participants. The teacher simply shares the link with the participants to join the scheduled Zoom session. This is convenient for both teachers and the students.

  1. Large audience

Zoom provides support for a large number of audience. During a zoom session, it can allow up to 10 thousand students to join the meetings. This can be very convenient for the teachers in teaching collective sections and can be very effective for the students to learn good communication skills.

  1. Free services

Most apps require buying various packages to get full access, but Zoom provides a 40-min free service which is enough for an online learning session. If not, you can join again with the same link and carry on to your leftover topics. This can help save a lot of money for the students along with the teachers.

  1. Whiteboard facilities

Zoom provides its users with communal whiteboard facilities. Some things are difficult to define in words and can only be explained with written diagrams or solutions. So whiteboard facilities can be very convenient for the teachers and make learning efficient for the students.

  1. Easy to use

The Zoom app is very convenient to use. Many teachers and students might take long to adapt to the new technologies, but the Zoom platform is very easy to access and use. Things are made easy for both the host and the attendants. This helps save a lot of time and can provide efficient learning and early completion of topics.

  1. Reliable connectivity

Another advantage the Zoom app provides is reliable connectivity. It provides good quality sound and video conferencing and does not require high-speed internet. It is way better than other well-established video conferencing apps. So overall, learning and teaching experience on Zoom is excellent.

Along with providing so many advantages, the Zoom app has a few disadvantages that can cause trouble during a Zoom session. 

Disadvantages of Zoom teaching-

  1. Minor performance issues

Zoom can have minor performance issues like low-quality sound and audio. They have not introduced HD qualities in their app. The performance in IOS devices is preferably low. However, the Kohbee app has the upper hand in performance in IOS devices and Ipads.

The Kohbee app provides online classes for music also which many online learning apps and sites lack in. It has replaced the traditional method of physical music classes. You can share your singing skills on this platform whether you are a teacher or a student. 


With all the above advantages, it is clear that Zoom is a perfect platform for online learning and teaching. All of its features like the large whiteboard facilities and free 40 min access will only help effective learning and teaching with a lot of comfort at your home. 

Kohbee, on the other hand, consists of all the qualities the Zoom app has and provides a good conferencing experience. You are more than welcome to try to Kohbee app and use the demo classes to learn about its features and qualities.