Increasing Your Reading Speed

Looking for a brainstorming hack that boosts your reading speed? Well, it’s easy to do, you only require the right way to move on, and that’s it. Even though you’ve massive paperwork on the desk to do, or preparations are on for the final exams, don’t worry if your reading speed isn’t right.

Don’t stress if it’s extremely weak or moderate; we’ve put together some great ideas that’ll help you in elevating your reading potential. Subsequently, so you could obtain excellent outcomes.

Without wasting up more time, let’s put light over some proven ways that genuinely work to boost your reading speed.

Stop Inner Monologue

It implies, stop speaking and repeating words in your mind; spell them out. It’s one of the most common qualities that impact your reading power. In this way, maybe you’re able to learn things, but it takes lots of time. If you want to boost your reading speed, then make sure that you first eliminate this obstacle coming on your way of reading. In addition to it, try to read loudly.

Remember how teachers have taught you the poems back in school times; you still remember those cute poem lines, right? The same strategy you’ll have to repeat again and implement on you. When you read loudly, it directly triggers your mind, and within a short time, your mind gets an idea of what it is and how to maintain it.

Word Chunking

Word chunking implies reading multiple words all at once. Pick three words from a line, and try to remember them, repeat the same process once you glide through every line. It’ll make the reading process relatively more straightforward. Also, note down, how much time you’ve taken to learn the words. Keep repeating the process; you’ll observe swiftness. Chunk the words together as much as you can.

User a Timer

Using a timer is an essential step to follow when it comes to increasing reading speed. Set a time limit in which you’ll try to read the things as much as you can. Remember to read loudly and word chunking. Keep a track record, how much stuff you’ve covered in this particular set of time. Are you improving? Markdown everything, every day you’ll observe improvement inside.

Keep Reading

If it’s your reading time, then follow the constant reading. Practice will make you perfect, and it’s a key that’ll take you closer to the goal. Repeat every step, and one day you’ll find out the best results. If you’re maintaining a constant flow of reading, you’ll bring accuracy in it. Before becoming a professional, every person follows this practice. Similarly, you can also master at it with continuity.  

Use a Marker

Highlight or underline the important points using a marker to ensure you instantly revise that crucial information irrespective of again going deeply into the chapter. It’ll be a shortcut that’ll make things easier.

Stay focused

In most instances, few things around you become the reason for distraction. It leads to low concentration which then results in an incomplete task. Meanwhile, if you do the best practice to keep all those attention-grabbing things away from you and only focus on the work, it’ll be much better. Similarly, if you’re reading, then firstly turn off all the noisy stuff around you. Only read loudly and hear your voice. It’ll improve your concentration power.

Faulty Eye Movements

Don’t stay focused on a single word, sum it up and find the simple conclusion; it’ll make things easier. Also, instead of covering everything, try to cover a bit to bit portion, glance at one page at one time instead of directly moving to the next page. Once you feel confident about a particular topic, only go ahead. 

Read Early in a Day

Morning is the best time for reading. Throughout the day, your brain works hard; at night, it feels relaxed. However, it’ll be wrong to call it to relax time only; indeed it’s charging time. Good sleep refreshes your entire body, and on the next morning, you feel more strengthened inside.

That’s how whatever you do early in the morning becomes quicker, and you find more perfection. Similarly, if you create a routine to wake up early n the morning for reading chapters, topics, and question answers, it’ll be a good effort. 


Note down all these points into your brain-diary and operate it the way you want. Grasp the full essential information stated in this article and find a distinct transformation in your reading speed. Your reading speed will save your time, and in the minimal effort, you’ll be capturing more topics, like never before.