How to Earn While Teaching Online with Kohbee?

The demand for online tutors continues to surge over the last couple of years. After all, it is a remarkable way to generate extra bucks in addition to your regular income. But this isn’t a key segment that makes it a striking option for teachers.  

The benefits of online tutoring speak more than just its mere definition. Online tutoring gives you the freedom of teaching at your own convenience and earn money like never before. 

Kohbee brings you this golden opportunity to become a part of the modern online teaching era. At Kohbee, the earning potential is now in your own hands. 

Forget those busy hours, schedule your classes, and get paid on time.  Still, if you have some questions in mind, let’s make it clear. 

Here’s how you can earn while teaching online with Kohbee-

  1. Start with Teacher Profile Building- Don’t Worry, It Is Easy!

As soon as you are determined to become an online tutor- download the Kohbee app. Now, begin with the first step of building a well-structured profile. This necessary information will highlight your experience and expertise in a specific class/subject to the parents or aspiring students.  

  1. Create Your First-Ever Online Classroom- Just Requires Adding Students, That’s all!

Now move to the next important step in which you create your own online classroom. Don’t worry; a simple navigate through the Kohbee app provides you instant access to it. Add students from your existing tuition classes or other social links from worldwide. All you have to do is, send an invitation link to whoever is interested in joining you. 

  1. Once Done- Go Live With Your Students on A Single Click

Greetings! Here comes your first online classroom. Be confident about your knowledge and teaching skills. Focus on student’s education, and schedule your classes to avoid chaos. 

  1. Automate Your Fees Collections With Integrated Features 

Forget those conventional ways when you had to beg parents to submit the fees on time. No longer the chaos in manual fee collection will disturb you. Kohbee app comes with in-built features that take the collection of the fees on automation.  Simply send the automatic link to the parents/students and let the app collect fees for you on its own. 

  1. Safe and Reliable Payment Options

Don’t worry; the Kohbee app is a 100% secure and reliable platform for teachers where you generate a good income for your good work. Simply put your request and receive payment right in your bank account through safe and secure payment portals. 

A Quick Glimpse at How You Can Generate More At Kohbee

  1. It all depends upon your teaching skills; if your teaching passion and knowledge are answerable to the budding academic requirements of students, you can foresee a charming future at Kohbee.
  2. Keep your “Teachers Profile” well structured and enter all the cues that make you special among others.
  3. Engage more students through social media, search for alternatives that help you get more students in your classroom.
  4. Always encourage and rewards students, urge them to share more information about you with others. Don’t forget to receive good feedback as it will help you expand.
  5. Keep learning and stay up to date with the rising requirements of students and the ever-changing syllabus. 
  6. Make sure you are using quality gadgets. The camera should be of great quality to avoid further ado in the live video session. Mike is equally essential to ensure students listen to you without any flaws. 

In the end, you will surely achieve remarkable growth at Kohbee. Already teachers are connecting with us, and now it’s your turn. Hurry! Build your own online classroom and earn more than your expectations.

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