How To Conduct Online Exam: Convert a Big Exam Online

Being a teacher is a challenging task, not only in terms of teaching but also in terms of administering exams to determine how many pupils are capable of delivering improved results and how much they have grasped. Exams were easy to administer using old offline methods because you could keep an eye on the students and have access to minor details. However, whether we’re talking about administering tests over the internet or digitally, you’ll need to be well-prepared as a teacher and pay attention to minor issues. If you’re thinking about conducting a comprehensive exam digitally, you’ve come to the right place.

A Complete Guide to Taking Online Exams is Available Here:

1. Make use of the resources available to you: For conducting online examinations, you must be competent and creatively prepared. There are several places where you can construct your exam sheet using the form method. In that manner, you can instruct your students to take a test to select the most appropriate response from a list of possibilities. Conducting a sizeable online exam will be a piece of cake if you can make the most of the resources available to you.

2. Use video conferencing features and applications: If you believe your subject requires a proper pen and paper exam that cannot be conducted in the type of multiple-choice questions, you can prepare your question paper and scan it to upload. Then, on the day of the exam, you can use an appropriate platform to turn on your camera and invite your students to join that video conference, where you can invigilate and keep an eye on your students while they are taking the exam. This will simulate a regular exam room session, and you will be able to conduct an extensive exam online with ease.

3. Using software to avoid malpractices: Taking an online exam gives you an advantage in terms of convenience and flexibility, but technology also brings a slew of new obstacles in various areas, including the possibility of engaging in malpractices when taking an online exam. This can be avoided or prevented by adopting software that can substantially assist you in monitoring the pupils’ exam performance. You can utilise online proctoring software to keep an eye on the candidates’ exam activities via their computer screens. This way, you won’t have to worry about pupils engaging in unethical behaviour, and online tests will be simple to administer.

All that is required of the teacher is intelligence and the capacity to make the most effective use of the resources available. Kohbee, a digital platform for teachers and students, has made it simple to administer online tests. Its tools and methods make conducting exams much more accessible, no matter how complicated or extensive the subject is. Kohbee not only hires teachers but also provides them with proper training in teaching and exam administration, ensuring that they are well-prepared before joining the field of education. All you have to do now is appropriately train yourself and brush up on your skills so that you may confidently deliver courses in the future.