How Do I Create Online Test On Online Test Software?

The traditional method of teaching required hard work by the teachers. The teachers had to spend days preparing exam sheets for the students and then checking those sheets. But with the pandemic due to COVID-19 has come the new trends of online working. The teachers can prepare exam sheets, check them, and provide the results to the students with online software or applications.

The primary way in which these online test software have helped the teachers is by eliminating their paperwork. The teachers now have to select the questions they want to assign to the students and check them within these software. But teachers need to get a brief of the procedures they need to follow to prepare the perfect test sheets for the students. In this topic, we will guide you with the steps and procedures that will help you create online tests.

The online test making applications can best serve the purpose of preparing online tests. You can install an excellent online test making app and start on with making piles of test paper by following the steps given below:

Steps you need to follow:

  1. Install and login

The first step requires installing an appropriate application that can provide you with the option of online test making. Then you have to login into the application with your IDs, and you are good to go and surf the application.

  1. Create

Once you have installed and logged in to the application, the task comes to create the test. You have to go to the exam tab in the dashboard and click on the ‘create new test’ option. Once you click on this option, a new pop-up window will come up to your screen to write the name of the exam you are creating. Fill it with the appropriate name and then click on ‘get started.

  1. Start page

Once you have given your test paper its appropriate name, then comes the task for starting your test paper. You will then be taken to the first page of the exam sheet.  On this page, you can edit your exam title and add an introduction line to the exam sheet. You can also choose the language in which you want to conduct the exam and add images and text.

  1. Add your questions

After providing the exam sheet with a good heading and giving it a good introduction, you can add the questions you need to give in the test. You have to click on the ‘create new questions’ option, in which you can choose the type of questions you want in the exam sheet as you know that there are various types of questions in a test like true-false, multiple-choice, single words and long questions. You can choose which kind of question to start with and give it the perfect ending.

If you are confused about which type of questions you need to fill in the exam sheet, you can go for the multiple-choice questions. You can add images, video and audio to provide visual graphics to the test sheet. As you know that children go with the unfair means for passing the exams, you can take measures to prevent.

You can shuffle the questions in the exam sheet and change the questions for each exam paper or go for sets. This prevents the children from cheating or discussing with their partners.

  1. Controlling the test

As a teacher, you have the power to control how the students can access the test. This includes allowing them to change answers or skipping to the next question, or access all questions at once.

Final thoughts

Following these simple steps can help you in the creation of an online test with minimal work. You can get instant results for the question paper and know who has performed the best in the trial. You can also go for preventive measures to stop cheating or misuse of test papers. However, this task can be made accessible only if you choose an excellent test generator application. These steps can vary from different apps. But almost every application has these simple steps and can help you create online tests for your students.