Forever Asked Questions


No. We do not hire teachers or run any kind of student facing initiative. Kohbee is a tool for online tutors to get a website, a payment gateway, take live classes, get class recordings, maintain leads and much more.

Yes. Kohbee is 100% free. You can login and setup your own teaching platform by logging into or by downloading Kohbee from the playstore. Link:

Yes. Absolutely. Through Kohbee you get a website for free which you can share, and people can book a free trial. All the people who visit your website and become a lead will show up on your app. You can call them, mark notes, send SMS, Emails and much more.

Yes. You can. For all the teachers using the Kohbee app, we can launch Google Ads and Facebook Ads for them. You can read more about it here

You can teach upto a 100 students at one time using the Kohbee app.

Yes. Kohbee gives you the option to start a recurring payment link which will be sent to your students and the money will go directly into your bank account.

Yes. Every time you take a class on Kohbee, your class recordings will be available for you and your students to review.

Any teacher, educator, instructor, coach from anywhere in the world can use Kohbee.

Absolutely not. We are not a marketplace and we never sell other classes to the students. We are rather a tool for teachers to use and setup their live classes efficiently.

Kohbee is built by IITians and backed by some of the most influential investors in the industry. Our backend engineers work day and night to make sure your data is 100% secure and safe.