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Yes we do. For every individual subject.

Yes there are. After the trial, whichever person you are in contact with can tell you about those offers.

Our teachers are alumni of prestigious colleges like IITs and IIMs. More importantly, they are some of the best online tutors, with up to10 years of experience. It is not uncommon for our teachers to rank within top 10 of preply’s worldwide tutor standings

We will have 4 students in a single batch.

Yes you can. You can take it up as a monthly subscription.

The teacher who took your trial is part of a larger team. Hence at some point, if we have an expert of a particular topic, that expert will take up that particular class.

One of the benefits of having a micro batch size is that we can take your requests and adjust accordingly. We will make sure the two things are in sync.

Yes. We specialize in ICSE and CBSE and have a lot of in-house experts for the board syllabus.

For Maths and Science we take 2 classes per week and for all other subjects, we have 1 class per week.

Yes, we do take regular tests apart from the classes. These are timed tests that students give together. 

Our teachers are given a graphic tablet, with the help of which they write on the screen. They upload NCERTs, book PDFs, Kohbee slides and write on top of that. The teacher keeps speaking and writing on the same screen


We don’t keep 1:1 classes on purpose to engage students in slight competition. 1:1 gives a very relaxed atmosphere, not conducive to studying.

We will setup an extra class if your child missed a class.

That has never happened because we give a lot of thought to who gets to teach on our platform. But when this does happen, we will find a different teacher.

Yes. Our teaching staff apart from the main teacher will also work with your child to improve him.

It’s a subscription based billing, so you can pull out if needed.


Vedantu focuses on a large batch size of 50-70 students. We focus on getting personal attention with no more than 4 students. If you are in a Kohbee class, we get to know when you leave your seat. I can’t say that for Vedantu.

Yes it is. The teacher who will be teaching online, his/her time is worth 1000 an hour at minimum. These are some of the best of the best. If you are looking for something effective this is it. If you are looking for a cheap fix, this isn’t.

Byju’s is a collection of videos. It’s a good resource if your child is able to solve his or her doubts and is always motivated to study. If not, we can provide an expert tutor’s utmost attention.

Coming online doesn’t change anything. Even when it was offline, we felt the need for personal attention from a tutor. Coming online for a school that wasn’t ready for it has only made it worse. Your child still needs someone to hear and solve doubts. To explain one more time. To wait until your child gets it.

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