Best Payment Gateway for Dance Teachers

A payment gateway implies an online payment platform that works as a channel to receive money from customers. Steps to be followed while making a payment via payment gateway is to gather payment in which customer needs to fill a few card details such as card number, CVV, and expiry date. Following this, when a customer purchases anything, he transfers money from his account to the seller’s account. 

People who play a major role in the payment gateway procedure

After diving intense into the meaning of payment gateway, now it’s time to find the actual players. Following the key measures of payment gateway, let’s have a look:


The customer is the person who is utilizing the services and products of the seller. He will initiate the payment procedure through the payment gateway.


The seller is the person who is selling his courses, classes, products, and services. Seller is offering his services to the customer.

Issuing bank-

It is the bank that is starting the payment from the customer side. The customer has a credit card or debit card from the same bank.

Acquiring bank-

It is the bank that is receiving the patent from the customer’s bank. 

Is there anything else to glance at for the payment gateway?

Yes, of course. Only knowing about the payment gateway is not enough. You need to know which is the best one for safe and secure payment. Further down, we are introducing the best payment gateway to all the customers named Kohbee. The surprising qualities of Kohbee are as follows:

  • Safety and security- Every customer requires a secure payment gateway when he sends or collects money online. Kohbee is one of the most secure payment gateways that anybody can use without fearing fraud or any other mishappening. Furthermore, it keeps your card information safe and protected. 
  • Best customer experienceKohbee provides a special and swift payment procedure. It is one of the most convenient, prompt, and effective payment gateways that gives the client a smooth purchasing experience. 
  • Various payment options- Last but not least, Kohbee caters you amazing payment choices. It flourishes net banking, UPI, credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, and much more. The customer is free to use any option that looks comfortable to him. 

How is Kohbee helpful for dance teachers?

The time has changed, and dance has come out as a fashion trend. People have turned a lot towards dance. They have started taking online classes, have joined studios, and connected to many other platforms to grow more and more in dance. But if you are making an online payment, is it complicated for you to figure out how to accept money through online mode? Are you puzzled to compare which place is good to make an online payment? If so, we would like to tell you that nothing can be more safe and secure than Kohbee. If you use Kohbee, all your troubles mentioned above will get away from you, and nothing will seem easier and faster than kohbee. 

Closing thoughts-

There are endless reasons why you should join a dance class. To take yourself away from worldly stress and worries, everybody must join dance classes and use the Kohbee payment gateway for dance teachers. If you are worried about making online payment easier, nothing can assist you better than Kohbee. With this great payment gateway, everything will seem simple and straight to you. It will add spice to your dance classes and keep you healthy all the time. Additionally, it keeps you refreshed and calms your brain as much as possible.

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