Best Online Teaching Site in India

Nowadays, online learning has become a trend and helps students learn from their comfort zones. Students get to learn without wasting their time traveling and other activities, whereas the teachers get a platform to interact with the students by enrolling in these online teaching sites

The online teaching platform is booming day by day. So, you will have a great opportunity to become an online tutor and sell your courses online. But the question is, which online platform is right for you? 

If you are looking for a legit platform where you can start your career as an online teacher and earn more revenues in India, look no further than Kohbee. Here, let us learn about Kohbee so that you have a clear thought in mind about this platform. 

Kohbee– The Best Online Teaching Platform in India for Teachers 

Kohbee is an online teaching and learning platform where students and teachers interact with each other. Moreover, it acts as a bridge between teachers, students and their parents. It provides you an all-in-one platform that helps you to share your valuable sessions, give online coaching and earn income in return for it. 

There are several advantages of choosing the platform out of which few are as follows: 

Build Your Web Page

Many platforms allow you to sell your courses without introducing yourself as an expert on the subject. But this platform allows you to build your website page in less than one minute. In this way, you will be able to create your portfolio that shows on this app. This will further help the students to choose the right teachers according to their needs. 

Create Your Class 

Kohbee is one such great platform that helps to create your classes and add students. To create the class, you need to go to the dashboard and fill in all the relevant details, and once it is done, you can share the class link to your students. 

Start Live Sessions for Better Learning 

Students like to interact with the teachers in a live session. But, more than that, the live session helps clear the doubts of the learners. So, if you are teaching an online lesson to the student, you can also go live with just one click. You can even mark the live session, delete the session and even reschedule it to interact with the students. 

Instant File Uploading and Homework Sharing 

Teachers can also share the homework with their students on this platform. Moreover, students also upload their homework in the form of docs and PDFs on the platform instantly so that teachers can check the homework.

Automatic Fee Collection 

Do you worry about collecting the fee from the students? Don’t be, because, on this platform, you can even automate the fee collection. This will help send payment links to the students so that students can also pay instantly and teachers get their payment without any hassles. As a result, Kohbee has a better user experience and is easy to use.

The Kohbee platform has a user-friendly interface and offers a better mode of learning for free. Whether you want to interact with the students or send your courses online and start a class, Kohbee is an excellent app for teaching students online.