Best Online Classes In India 2021

Over the last couple of years, the trend of online classes has exponentially increased. This virtual approach seems to be outpacing every teaching platform. Though, the reason behind its popularity is very-obvious. Online teaching ensures a flexible and convenient learning environment for a student. No wonder it is the best way to upgrade the academic performance of your child.

But, which online classes deserve to be the best has always been the subject of uncertainty as there are many online classes coming forefront offering numerous facilities to the students. Hence, often it becomes difficult to pick the more effective and highly supportive option.

But don’t worry, let’s make things easier! In this article, we will talk about the seven best online classes in India where your children can find top-level education in 2021. 

1.      Meritnation

Meritnation is recognized among the first name that brought the new fad of online live classes in India in 2014. The brand offers almost all types of education to the students from class 1st and onwards. For NCERT solutions and tough exam preparation, students can choose Meritnation. 

2.      Byju’s

Byju’s is a well-known online teaching platform in India. Students from 4th standard and onwards can install the Byju’s app and get assistance from their pre-recorded videos. Apart from regular academic learning, the platform offers you training in competitive exams, e.g., IAS, JEE, CAT, GRE, and GMAT. However, it is bit surprising thing that Byju’s teaches over 1000+ students in a single live class.

3.      Coursera

Students who want to learn something beyond regular schooling education can opt for Coursera. It is an American E-learning platform; still, many people from different countries use this educational website. The brand offers you specialized training, 1000+ courses, and run degree programs. In a nutshell, students who want to enhance their professional skills can use Coursera.

4.      Vedantu

For many parents and students, Vedantu can be a familiar name. Vedantu teaches 100+ students in its live classes all at the same time on its official Vedantu app. The platform provides online education to students from 6th standard to 12th class. Vedantu was launched by ‘Lakshya Coaching founders, that’s why much of its teaching approaches are focused on IIT and JEE programs.

5.      Unacademy

Students preparing for Competitive Exams, such as UPSC, NEET, JEET or SSC, may prefer Unacademy. With daily live classes and live mock test, Unacademy students get some support for their competitive exam preparation. You can use Unacademy Official Mobile app to get access to their online live classes. 

6.      Toppr

Students use Toppr mainly for JEE, AIIMS, Olympiad, CA and NDA exam preparations. However, the platform also offers live classes to students from 8th to 12th standard. The subscription fee is relatively high at Toppr, making it a bit unfavourable option for many.

7.      Kohbee

Kohbee provides personal teaching experience to students. At Kohbee, only four students study in one batch in all Kohbee classes, which is a bit surprising fact. It makes it India’s first-ever live online classes of its own kind. Currently, the platform teaches students from 4th to 10th grade. Students who are a bit weak in math, English, and public speaking can use Kohbee.

The Bottom Line

All these alternative appears to be best over another. Still, it is up to you. What is the age of your kid? What type of classes are you searching for? Are you looking for professional courses? Ask these few questions to yourself and come up with the right decision. However, in this review, we have found Kohbee the best online classes in India, because here student receives a personalized learning experience. Kohbee provides a disciplined and highly cooperative education to students. If your kid is weak in math or English, the platform makes them an expert in it. It is possible because Kohbee’s highly-qualified teachers pay personal attention to every student’s academic performance.