Best food to have during the exam

Best food to have during the exam

You’ve heard about the gym diet, but did you ever thought about the exam diet? Yes, you got that, right. It’s vital for students going through extensive preparation for the upcoming exam or test. However, it’s essential to be good at study, but unfortunately, if the final marks aren’t appealing, then it’s a thing to be worried about.

Why think about Food during Exam?

You want to achieve more results, but you don’t know where things are going wrong. Well, the answer lays down in your diet. What you eat directly impacts your brainpower. Like your body needs an excellent diet to perform daily task actively, your brain demands the same.

The best food keeps your brain sharp and energetic. Similarly, if exams are nearer, then before opening those large books and initiating learning those long horrible chapters, pay attention to what your brain demands first. A nutritional rich food fuels your mind and brings swiftness in your academics.

That’s why below we have broken down a list of the best foods that you must consume during the exam days.

Best Food To Eat During Exam

Whole Grains

If you want to secure better grades in the exams, then don’t ignore whole grains intake. Whole grains are believed to be brain power booster, but they also maximize your strength for extended study hours. Whole grains also improve your memory since they have lots of nutritional benefits. It contains fibre, omega-3 and vitamin. It’s an incredible source of blood circulation improvement. That’s why don’t forget to include whole grains such as oat-meals, wheat, or maize in your diet.


It isn’t food. But it’s powerful than any food. Especially when you’re studying hard for exams; giving plenty of water to your body is essential. It keeps your body healthy and hydrated. Water maintains healthy blood circulation in our body. It is a medium for oxygen to reach the tissues in our body. You should drink 1.2 litres of water every day. Especially when it’s study time, your brain needs it most for smooth functioning. 

Green Tea

It’s a rich source of antioxidants and eliminates fatigue out of your body. Especially if you’re used to studying at night and want to keep activeness alive in your body, then have a cup of tea at night. It’s a natural ingredient that fuels your body and boosts power inside.


The egg is an all-rounder food. Indeed, it’s a superfood because it’s healthy for toddlers as well as aged people; all age groups can benefit from it. It’s rich in protein and improves memory functions. For students, an egg is supposed to be the best way to charge the body. Choline in egg also enhances mental alertness. Thus, make sure you don’t skip eggs to include in your diet.


Here comes the surprisingly tasty food. There’s not even a single individual who says “No” to chocolates. Especially dark chocolate or white chocolate that not only tastes delicious, but it also improves blood circulation. Chocolates are rich in antioxidants; this finger-licking ingredient also enhances your alertness level. Researches also say that it improves cognitive skills, such as you see improvements in essay writing or problem-solving abilities. Alongside health advantages, it also makes you feel happy by refreshing up your mood. Simultaneously, you study better.  But don’t overeat!

Green Veggies

Your parents have told you thousands of times to eat green vegetables. Well, they are right. Green vegetables have plenty of health-promoting benefits. Even though you’re putting tremendous efforts on study or doing physical work, green vegetables provide your body nutritional value in ample amount, mostly green leafy vegetables that boost brainpower. Vegetables contain iron, protein, calcium, protein and fibre in huge amount, that’s why you should eat up salad as much as you can.

Dry Fruits

Include nuts, almost, walnuts, pistachios or any dry fruit in your diet. Dry fruits enhance your mental clarity and elevate memory power. Dry fruits are also high in fat and calories; thus, all these things render dry fruits as the best energy source for students during exams.

Apart from the above-stated list of foods to eat during the exam, everyday fruits, beans, fishes are also an excellent option to go with. But don’t be too much foodie type. Try to maintain a healthy diet plan. For instance, include all these foods in your breakfast, lunch and dinner routine, drink plenty of water and be ready to capture 100 out of 100 on your answer sheet.

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