Best Application For Online Teaching

During Lockdown

During the phase of the pandemic, everyone has noticed the rapid growth of online learning platforms. The rapid growth has made everyone aware of the importance of smart phones and other smart gadgets in our lives. 

Smartphones provide us with endless fields of entertainment along with the most important thing for a being which is education. There is an infinite number of applications introduced to provide educational content to the students. It is way different from the textbooks that provided physical engagement with the content. With the online learning platforms, teachers can provide education to the students within their comfort zones.

The period of lockdown led to the shutdown of all educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities. But it also provided people with a wide variety of online learning platforms. Therefore these online learning platforms are in great demand across the globe because every educational institution wants their students to learn all the concepts with ease. Everyone wants a learning app that provides support to its students and teachers. 

The task of deciding the proper online learning application during the lockdown can prove to be difficult for many people. So here is the best online learning application that will provide you high-quality education within your comfort zones, i.e. the Kohbee app. It is the best online learning platform because of the following reasons.

Salient features of the Kohbee app:

  1.  User-friendly interface

 The interface of an application is essential to maintain the interest of its users in the online sessions. It provides free and easy access to its users. They can log on to the app and find their relevant learning sources with a few simple steps. For the convenience of its users, the app provides a free trial so that one can quickly know about the pros and cons of selecting the Kohbee app for their studies. The platform provides the content in a precise manner and offer its students fast completion rates with proper understanding.

  1. Flexibility

The Kohbee app makes the learning process quite flexible. We give the option of altering the online sessions’ timing schedule and providing the students with various forms of learning with better outcomes. The students can consult with their teachers with the best suitable timings for their regular online sessions. The parents are also kept in touch to provide the performance rates of their students.

  1. Engagement with the students

One of the remarkable features of the Kohbee app is that its teachers provide personal attention to their students. The students are provided with ongoing messaging and hand-raising facilities through which they can draw the teachers’ attention towards them or consult a particular topic with their batch mates.

  1. Collaborative learning

The Kohbee app provides its students with collaborative learning resulting in better communicative skills. The students are given group projects and regular tests so that they can engage with each other and compete with each other in scoring better marks in their examinations. The app hires highly capable teachers who provide the comfort of asking questions to their students without any hesitation.

  1. Class reminders

The Kohbee app helps keep better attendance rates for its students by providing class reminders before a very learning session. The teachers offer innovative learning methods and give them tips and tricks to keep their interest in the classes.          

Advantages of choosing the Kohbee app    

  • Enhanced interaction with better communication skills                        
  • Innovative learning techniques
  • 24/7 availability for any help
  • Better attendance
  • Efficiency with time
  • Enjoyment in leisure hours
  • Instant updates
  • Connected with students and teachers  
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy and free access


These were some of the main features and advantages you will get by choosing the Kohbee app for your online lectures or coaching. The application covers all the educational aspects and subjects. It provides reliability to the parents with a better future for their small ones. It has offered many capable teachers an opportunity to get a job with the best salary according to the quality of education they provide.

With all of the above qualities and specifications, Kohbee is the best online partner for every student and teacher, based on which you can select the app for pursuing your future education. All of the degrees and certifications provided by the Kohbee app are valid in all educational institutions. According to the changing trends in online learning platforms, the experts hired by the platform are introducing innovative features to make access to the Kohbee app more convenient.