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Education means everything to us


Why do we care about education?

Being IITians ourselves, we saw the difference that education can bring in anyone’s life. A good education from a top premium college, brings an inherent respect that you could not have purchased. 

Indian Parents spend close to 20%-30% of their incomes on their children’s schools and tuition. And yet our children are more lost than ever. We just feed them with more books and videos. Why do we not sit with them and let them drive it home? Teachers at Kohbee go through rigorous training to elevate the child’s confidence and make the student believe that “I can do this”. Unlike school and tuition, we strengthen every concept for all 4 students before moving to the next. Because we want to bring that difference in their lives. A stellar academic record is a huge respect, because it cannot be purchased. No matter how rich you are. 



Our mission is to let the student drive her own vehicle of learning. We don’t wave animations in their face. Their minds are creative enough. We just need to ignite them.


We very strongly believe that the next generation of students will be way smarter than us. When we work with our teachers on our pedagogy, we keep in mind that we are mentoring that genius.



Rohan Sinha


An IIT alumni, Rohan Sinha comes from a family that was always inclined towards education. Before Kohbee Rohan worked with drones and helped save trees with GIS analytics for the police force and CM’s office.

Though proficient in the the hard sciences but secretly, he likes to write.


Shashwat Aditya


Shashwat Aditya was the coolest guy on the IIT campus. He was responsible for organising the famous Kashiyatra of IIT-BHU and joined Citicorp after college.

Shashwat’s deep empathy makes him an instant hit with kids. He is also a proficient coder and an amazing dancer.

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