21 Ways To Support Your Child During Boards

Parent support isn’t less than an inestimable blessing to a child. It encourages them to outshine in their academic life. That’s why if the board exams are nearer, don’t let it feel a stressful situation to your champ. It’s high time for you to take small but very important steps for your child because now they need ultimate preparation. As a parent, what things can you do to amp your champ’s performance in the final exams? Let’s have a look. 

1. Use Magic Words

Everything is okay! Don’t worry! Keep going! Yes, you can! Start saying these words; it encourages your child, especially if he hears these magic words from his parents to whom he perhaps vision as his idol. 

2. Don’t Put Unnecessary Pressure.

Avoid putting pressure on your champ. More than your child, it’s the test of your patience. Don’t panic if he isn’t doing good. Give them some time, till then, practice other things and again go back to it. 

3. Motivation is a Key

Keep your child motivated, don’t let the study feel big torture on him. Find the best way that can help you here. e.g., what your champ dreams of becoming in his/her life and how his good scoring in board exam will help them out. 

4. Track Their Eating Habits

Make sure they don’t have to deal with their eating. The study is essential, but their health is precious too. So do not prepare or order any food that makes them sick. Insist on a healthy diet plan.

5. Put the TV on Mute

If only a few days are left to the final exams, plug-off the TVs if possible or put them on mute because it will crop up as a barrier, and they’ll find it hard to concentrate on their learning. 

6. Time Management

Time management is the most precious thing that, as a parent, you must consider at their preparation time.

7. Monitor their progress

Don’t forget to monitor your champ’s progress. Keep asking them questions; where they went wrong? How much have they revised? Monitor everything.

8. Discuss their Exam strategy

Discuss what strategies they are following for the exams and give them a suggestion on how to outperform.

9. Remove Distraction

Remove everything distracting your child. At present, he should focus more on what’s essential, and the digital stuff around him will, of course, keep distracting. 

10. Guide them when they are wrong

While preparing, make sure your kid doesn’t learn anything wrongly. So take a little test of him and guide him where he went wrong and how to correct it. 

11. Avoid Arguments

Try to avoid arguments as much as possible; it’ll easily irritate them, which will end up inviting delays and distraction in his preparation for board exams.

12. Bribes can work

Though it isn’t a good idea, it may work for a few kids in a better way. A bribe can encourage a kid to do better because, in return, they are going to get something special from their Mom or Dad.

13. Pick and Drop From the Exam Centre

Don’t forget the exam date. Personally pick and drop them from their exam centre. 

14. Listen to their Experience

Throughout the way from the exam centre to your home, you have plenty of time to listen to your child’s experience. See if anything is disturbing them or how they are performing in the exams.

15. Stay Calm

If your kid hasn’t performed well, stay calm, and be friendly.

16. Give him/her some space.

After the exam, they need some rest, so give them some space.

17. Be available

It’s time to hit an intense preparation for the next exam, so be available.

18. Do not compare

Not all children are the same; hence, if your child isn’t performing good, no need to worry about it!

19. Don’t put your dreams on him.

Every kid has his own dreams, so instead of putting your own ones, encourage them towards their goals.

20. Know your child

Keep knowing your child and become a friend of him.

21. Be a support

Stand like a pillar to support their dreams instead! Even though they couldn’t give their best, but at least they have tried as this time you were personally guiding them. So don’t forget even a single point listed above because as a parent, it’s your turn to get qualified.