12 SEO Tips to Boost Your Wix Website

Improving SEO on Wix Website has been the biggest concern for many. Especially when you have newly shifted to Wix, the concern is obvious.  

There’s no denying that Wix is a famous website builder, but there’s no need to panic as the website builder only takes a bit of consideration over SEO metrics to ensure your website is up and running – the way you want. 

Here are the 12 quick SEO tips to boost your Wix website in no time. 

  1. Complete Wix SEO Wiz First

You can’t skip your WIX SEO Wiz. Like Rankmatch and Yoast SEO in WordPress, Wix also has its own SEO Wiz, which is worth addressing if you want your website to stay on the top in SEO metrics. Pinpoint the essential metrics that underscore and try to hit the 100 mark.  

  1. Do Keyword Research

Wix will not do any magic or give you a special advantage in any way on building a website. You will have to hit decent keyword research with practice to sprinkle the relevant keyword throughout the content, and no stuffing. The best keyword can never fail to serve superior results. 

  1. Improve Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most critical parameters to work upon. No matter if the website is built on WordPress or Wix, improving loading speed must be your focus area in the mainstream. However, you may take the help of some speed-boosting tools, but we advise you to hire an expert developer and designer to get the work done.  

  1. Add Internal Links

As much as possible, work on internal links structure. You can’t let your content die or remove by Google so easily from search rankings. If you want to make the shared information credible and trusted to Google and both viewers, do internal linking. 

  1. Optimize for Mobile

You are more likely to jump over massive opportunities if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. More than 60% of Google searches come directly from mobile devices and not from what you think. So make sure mobile users must be your targeted ones to transform your Wix Website into an SEO-friendly site. 

  1. Go Social!

If you want your Wix website to receive the biggest push in SEO, go social. Connect your website through social media platforms as it gives Google an indication that your website is credible and deserves more than it has been assumed before. 

  1. Derive Traffic from Images

Use Alt tags in images, and make them searchable through Google images. Alt tags give images a name, giving Google an idea of what the image is about. However, you can also use keywords in these tags (but make sure they aren’t stuffed).

  1. Refine Title Tags and Meta Descriptions 

Perhaps you have overlooked those title tags and meta descriptions contributing a significant place in SEO. Keep titles short, crisp, and clickable as they are the first thing displayed on search results when browsed.  

  1. Google Search Console is More Helpful

Google Search console is a hub of information; it is a goldmine describing the potential of keywords that you might have left unnoticed. So keep your eyes on what Google Search Console tells, as the tool works way more than what you expect from premium SEO tools. 

  1. Optimize your Page URL 

Optimizing page URLs is one of the best exercises. You can’t ignore it as the keywords are also hidden in this one line you are trying to rank through across Google search results.

  1. Improve Content Quality

Content is the key weapon to defeat your competitors across the digital world. Already many websites have reserved a no.1 spot across digital routes, and it’s hard to be a winner by focusing on the website’s SEO alone. You need to work on improving content quality equally if nothing works out.  

  1. Work on Design 

Hire web developers and designers to ensure your website isn’t down due to technical issues. However, other issues might be easy to resolve by you, but they may have better technical knowledge, no matter if the website runs on Wix website builder.

Ultimately, you can rock the digital world with your Wix website.  

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